Kendamil baby milk and cereals now in Dunnes supermarkets in Ireland

Kendamil baby milk and cereals now in Dunnes supermarkets in Ireland

We’ve really gone and ‘dun’ it this time.  That’s because our baby milks and cereals are on shelves for the first time ever in Irish supermarket, Dunnes. It’s a double whammy! We’re so excited that Dunnes are stocking our Classic milk range and Organic cereals...

We’ve really gone and ‘dun’ it this time.

 That’s because our baby milks and cereals are on shelves for the first time ever in Irish supermarket, Dunnes. It’s a double whammy!

We’re so excited that Dunnes are stocking our Classic milk range and Organic cereals in 29 of their stores across Ireland, because nothing makes us happier than knowing our customers can easily get their hands on the most natural and sustainable baby milks and cereals.

It’s also the first time ever that our award-winning Classic milk and Organic range of cereals will be available in-store in Ireland - you asked, we listened! The Kendamil journey has come full-circle, now that our Irish founders can see our baby milk and cereals on the shelves in Dunnes!

What makes Kendamil baby milk different? 

Kendamil’s formula is truly unique. Kendamil is the only baby milk on the market that’s made with full whole milk fats, rather than vegetable fats like palm oil. Our special recipe combines whole milk fats with essential fatty acids (EFAs) from sunflower and rapeseed oil. These oils contain linolenic (omega6) and alpha linolenic (omega3) that our little ones get from breast milk and need to grow. 

And we’re fully vegetarian, opting for sustainable marine algae rather than fish oil as a source of DHA. We’ve perfected a blend that’s kinder for your baby - and kinder for our planet too. If you’re looking for the best, high-quality ingredients from a brand that really cares about reducing its carbon footprint and supporting families - the only choice is Kendamil

Kendamil was founded by an Irish family

Kendamil was founded by an Irish family - the McMahons of Monaghan - so family really is at the very heart of our business. We use local, naturally sourced ingredients from trusted dairy farmers. And it's the McMahon family’s determination to do the very best for your baby that has made Kendamil the #1 award-winning baby milk in the world. From our family, to yours.

Kendamil baby milk is kinder for your baby

We’re very proud that Kendamil says no to palm and fish oil in all of our products. Shockingly, studies show that formulas containing these processed oils make it harder for little ones to absorb fats and important minerals like calcium. And are also more likely to suffer from hard stools, constipation and other colic symptoms too. 

We were proud to be praised by leaders in nutrition, First Steps Nutrition, for not using palm oil in any of our products. You can read more about the negative effects of palm oil in baby milks in our blog.

We’re also easier on the tummy and vegetarian-friendly, because we use marine algae as a source of DHA, rather than fish oil.

Kendamil baby milk is kinder for our planet 

Our decision to do what’s right for our world means that we do not use palm oil in our products. Palm oil is one of the leading causes of deforestation, threatening endangered species and indigenous tribes around the world. It also contributes to climate change too. 

Making a conscious decision to exclude fish oil from our formula also means that we’re protecting our world’s fish stock and are 100% vegetarian. By sourcing our DHA sustainably from natural marine algae, we’re also not damaging our ocean’s ecosystems. Kendamil is proud to be the only baby milk available in Ireland that offers a fish-oil and palm-oil free option. 

What makes Kendamil cereals seriously good? 

We’re serious about making cereals with no added sugar, or synthetic ingredients - but simply crammed with real fruit goodness. Our Organic range features creamy porridge and multigrain muesli and fruits that are packed full of essential nutrients like thiamin (vitamin B1) to support your little one’s growth.

But don’t just take our word for it. 

Registered Specialist Paediatric Dietician and tester, Clare Thornton-Wood, praises our unique recipe, emphasising “unusual grains, delicate flavours and interesting textures” for their added nutritional value. 

Our Classic Fruit Cereals won Gold in the MadeforMums Awards 2021, while our Organic Fruit Cereals won Silver! And mum’s really do know best. 

And not only are our cereals and porridges a recipe for success, but you can bake with them too! Take a peek at our parent’s recipes. And if you bake something, we want to know about it. Share your recipe on social, using the hashtag #KendamilRecipe. Don’t forget to tag us @kendamiluk. 

Important Notice: Breastfeeding is best. Kendamil Follow-on milk is only for babies over 6 months, and should be used as part of a mixed diet. Please talk to your Healthcare Professional.

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