Colic is distressing for both parents and baby but does usually resolves itself by the age of 3 to 4 months and isn't something to be concerned about. Although not a lot is understood about the causes of colic, some theories suggest it may be linked to baby struggling to digest their milk well or the possibility of an allergy. For more guidance check out the NHS website here.

For some babies Goat milk formula may be easier to digest as it predominantly contains A2 beta-casein proteins (which are more similar to the proteins found in breast milk) and it also forms softer curds in their stomach helping them to digest it quicker and absorb their nutrients more efficiently so this may be something that you wish to consider. Check out our Goat milk formula here.

We also have a Kendamil Comfort Milk which may help ease your baby's discomfort. Our Comfort milk has a reduced lactose content (compared to our Classic range) and contains partially hydrolysed whey protein and starch, and which means the proteins have been broken down into smaller fragments, making them easier to digest. Check out our Comfort Milk here.

If you are concerned about the formula your baby is currently consuming and are considering switching to another formula due to their symtoms of colic we would always recommend talking to your GP first to consider other causes behind your baby's symptoms. Your GP will also be able to give you medical advice on the best formula for your baby's unique needs.

To understand more about colic, head to our blog here.

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