If you'd like to continue giving your little one Kendamil after they've turned 1 years old then you can move them on to Stage 3, they will continue to get all the additional vitamins and nutrients of the full cream milk that we uniquely use as the base for our recipe as well as the plant-based DHA and HMOs that were there in Stage 1 and 2 which will to continue to build up their immune system.

Stage 3 is considered a "weaning" baby formula meant to eventually compliment solid food. It has fewer calories and fat than Stages 1 and 2 but has more iron than Stage 2; and like Stages 1 and 2, Kendamil Stage 3 is free of palm oil, fish oil, soy oil, maltodextrin, and starch.

Some parents choose to switch to Stage 3 baby formula when their baby is around 12 months old because it has more protein, and higher levels of some vitamins, and minerals to meet a growing baby's needs. On the other hand, many parents transition directly from Stage 2 baby formula to whole cow’s milk when their baby turns one. Whole cow’s milk should not be given to infants before their first birthday.

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