What makes the Mehadrin Milk different?

Our Super-Kosher, Mehadrin, formula is designed to be as similar as possible to our Non-Kosher formulas meeting both the EU regulations for baby formula (containing all necessary nutrients) and offering the same goodness for your little one.

The main difference between our Mehadrin and other formula is the source of the dairy ingredients which are different in order to meet the requirements needed to be certified Super-Kosher. Our Super-Kosher baby formula allows for the product to be consumed during Passover as it conforms with the strictest level of compliance. A Rabbi supervises every step of the process including the milking, pasteurisation, spray drying and packing of each batch produced, and these processes never take place on a Friday. Our Super-Kosher products also do not contain GOS (a prebiotic) as it isn't available in a form that meets the strict requirements of Mehadrin.