The decision to transition from breast milk to formula is a completely personal one -- it is all about what works best for you and your baby! WHO and UNICEF recommend that children initiate breastfeeding within the first hour of birth and be exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of life.

Some mothers choose to breastfeed for a year or longer, some mothers choose to combination feed using Kendamil and some mums may transition completely from breastfeeding to formula feeding when their baby is around six months old, or when their baby begins to eat solid foods for the first time. Not all mothers breastfeed, and finding a high-quality alternative like Kendamil is a great choice.

For little ones six months or older, Stage 2 baby milk (also known as ‚"Follow-on Milk',) provides complete nutrition and the correct amount of vitamins and minerals for babies at that stage of development. Babies younger than six months should only be fed Stage 1 baby milk.

We recommend transitioning from breastfeeding to formula feeding gradually, to give your baby time to adjust to the new baby milk, and so that your body gets used to making less milk. Babies can taste the difference between breast milk and formula, so trying this approach helps to ease them in.

It can take babies up to two weeks to fully adjust to formula feeding. During this time, gas and constipation are fairly common. One method for transitioning is to replace one breastfeeding session every few days with a formula feed and continue this until you are feeding exclusively with formula or reach your desired feeding outcome.

If you have been bottle-feeding your baby with expressed breast milk, we typically recommend introducing Kendamil gradually by slowly swapping bottles of breast milk with Kendamil, starting with the midday feeds first and not the feeds before bed. This schedule can be alternated a bit based on the number of feeds as some infants will feed for more or less than that which is indicated below: You can follow this schedule for introducing formula:

  • Day 1: Feed 2 = Kendamil, remaining feeds are breast milk
  • Day 2: Feeds 2 & 3 = Kendamil, remaining feeds are breast milk
  • Day 3: Feeds 2, 3, & 4 = Kendamil, remaining feeds are breast milk
  • Day 4: Feeds 1, 2, 3, & 4 = Kendamil, remaining feeds are breast milk
  • Day 5: All feeds = Kendamil

We always recommend checking in with your GP before transitioning to new baby formula or supplementing breast milk with formula.

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