If you need to bring a large quantity of powdered baby formula with you while traveling and are not able to transport it in the tin, then an airtight glass or silicone food container is usually your best bet. For day trips, you could purchase a Tupperware-style powder baby formula dispenser, which can make traveling with a little one a lot easier! You simply pre-measure the amount of baby formula powder that you'd like to take with you into the different compartments, so that you have the exact amount you need to make several on-the-go feeds.

In terms of traveling with prepared baby formula bottles, we recommend that you prepare your little one's baby formula right before feeding, rather than making up bottles in advance. However, we know it's not always possible to give your baby a freshly prepared bottle when you are on the go so you can store freshly boiled water in a vacuum flask, which will stay sufficiently warm until you need to make up a bottle. Just make sure that the water isn't too hot, even after several hours in the flask!

We also offer a Ready to Feed milk in 70ml and 250ml bottles, which many parents take with them on the go.

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