Sugar-free mini banana muffins!

Sugar-free mini banana muffins!

Need a healthy breakfast or snack for weaning little ones? Our sugar-free mini banana muffins are the perfect healthy recipe.

Treat your little one (or yourself!) to one of these sugar-free mini banana muffins. We love them because they're the perfect healthy breakfast AND they can also serve as a quick little snack on the go! The recipe makes 20 mini-muffins or 6 regular muffins 🌟 

Ingredients ✨

🍌 50g of Kendamil's Banana Baby Porridge*

🍌 75g self-raising flour

🍌 1 tsp baking powder

🍌 2 ripe bananas

🍌 1 egg

🍌 Optional 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

🍌 30g coconut oil, melted

  1. Sieve all dry ingredients into a mixing bowl
  2. Blend or mash the bananas, oil, egg, and vanilla extract until smooth
  3. Add banana mixture into dry ingredients and mix to combine
  4. Spoon into muffin cases or silicone tray (add toppings if desired, fruit and oats work well)
  5. Bake at gas mark 5/190°c for 8-10 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean

Tah dah! You have yourself some deliciously healthy muffins. 🍌🧁 Thank you, @whatalfieate for crafting this tasty snack! 

To shop our Banana Porridge (and more of our cereal range) click here. 👉

*This recipe containing our Kendamil's Banana Baby Porridge is only suitable for babies from 9 months old and up. and should only be used as part of a mixed diet.

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Sugar-free mini banana muffins!

Treat your little one (or yourself!) to one of these sugar-free mini banana muffins. We love them because they're the perfect healthy breakfast AND...

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