3 Tips to support parents working from home with their little ones ✨

Here at Kendamil, we know what it’s like to be remote-working parents. For many of us, working from home is beneficial - helping us to spend quality time with our little ones. But, we admit, working from home with a little one in tow can get… a little stressful.

You may be wondering “how can I work from home with a little one?”. We’ve got you covered - with helpful tips and tricks to master that ✨WFH-as-a-parent✨ lifestyle. 

✨ 3 expert tips: FROM parents FOR parents. 

Because we’re WFH parents too, we’ve interviewed ALL the mums and dads in our team and cameup with some real, organic advice that’s helped keep us keep focused (and less than overwhelmed!!) over the years. Let’s get to it!!

⚽️📚🧸 Encourage independent play.

Your time working from home means this is a fantastic moment to encourage your little ones to play independently - especially as this is beneficial for their development in a number of ways! Independent play is especially useful for developing your little one’s skillset - from advancing their cognitive skills to finessing their motor development, and so much more!

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🥱😴💤 Take advantage of your little one’s sleep schedule!

As KendaParents in our team will tell you, waking up early (or working after your little one has fallen asleep!) is very productive. Making use of your little one’s nap time can also prove very useful!

Not only does working ‘quiet hours’ help to focus your concentration and prioritise your workload, during those precious moments, but it also gives you time to spend more time with your little ones when they’re awake!

Need some tips on refining your little one’s sleep schedule to best suit your own (especially while they’re little?). We’ve got you covered!

😍🥳👩‍👦‍👦 Get reliable childcare.

Whether it’s putting your little one into a nursery or playgroup, paying for a babysitter, asking a family member to help out or sharing childcare duties with other parents, there are many ways you can keep your little one occupied (and not distracting YOU!) while you work from home.

Even better? Setting up a regular routine where you can have a few hours to yourself, to fully concentrate on your work, can be a fantastic way to stay productive without compromising your little one’s quality time to socialise. You get to work and your little one gets stay stimulated and occupied! Win-win!

Need some childcare tips? Our blog has all the info you need: Lauren the Nanny Shares Her Childcare Tips.

You got this, KendaParents!

Being a working parents can be difficult (trust us - our KendaTeam know this firsthand!). 

Working from home with your little ones can be such a blessing - you get more quality time with your little ones, and have more spare time, flexible hours and home-comforts! But the WFH life ALSO comes with a whole host of problems which can get a little overwhelming at times. 

Here’s a reminder that you’re okay, you’re doing amazingly and you don’t need to have it together all the time. You got this, KendaFam.

👩 Our customer service team are fellow mums and dads, too! 👨

Need some bespoke WFH support? We got you. Our customer support team of mums and dads have helped thousands of parents - and we’re here for you!

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