5-Pack Creamy Baby Porridge (6+ months)

5 x 150g | 6+ months

5-Pack Creamy Baby Porridge (6+ months)

Our Creamy Oat porridge contains the very best of nature.

We don’t do palm oil, fish oil or added sugar. What we do do is creamy milk, high quality grains and essential vitamins and minerals. Simple.

Kendamil Creamy Oat baby porridge has approximately 7 servings per pack and is suitable from six months.

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No Added Sugar

Kendamil uniquely uses Whole Milk as a source of fat

No Palm Oil

Kendamil has and will NEVER used Palm Oil


Kendamil Creamy Baby Porridge is Veggie friendly!

Award Winning

Mums across the UK love our Kendamil Porridges


Contains approximately 7 servings per pack.

Keep the packet closed after use and store in a fresh and dry place. Once opened, consume before 1 month.

Step 1

Put approximately 2 tablespoons (20g) of porridge in a bowl. Then add approximately 4 tablespoons (60ml) of warm (recently boiled) water.

Use as part of a varied weaning diet.

Step 2

Stir well and allow to cool, then check temperature before serving.

Let your baby's appetite guide you and adjust the amount fed depending on their needs. The consistency can be altered by adding more or less water.

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5-Pack Creamy Baby Porridge (6+ months)

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Liv absolutely loves this porridge!

Liv absolutely loves this porridge from Kendamil but so do I because it’s soooo easy to make & sometimes that’s just what you need as a busy mum 😍🤝🏼

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Julie Shaw (Birmingham, GB)
Creamy porridge

My LB loves this flavour and i always prepare this every morning for his breakfast

Sarah Bailey (Birmingham, GB)
Little porridge goblin!

Trying to feed a toddler and baby before the preschool run is up there with trying to have a tea party with a lion, so anything that makes it easier is appreciated. Kendamil porridge is super easy to make and can be done one handed (with baby in the other!). It’s also great to know that it’s not overly processed or contain any nasties. Definitely recommend!


My son loves it!

Taj Virk-Dhugga (Kensington, GB)
My daughter looks forward to breakfast

This porridge is a real favourite with my daughter. Its lovely on its own but even better with added fresh fruit.

Fahtyma Begum (Newcastle upon Tyne, GB)
Best porridge in the market

My baby absolutely loves all Kendamil food products and the milk formula. We love that Kendamil offer multipack savings on their porridge/cereal items as it allows us to purchase in bulk and save some money.